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The brain has multiple ways of procrastinating. The most common one is conscious (and painful) avoidance of task completion. We all went through it. Binge-watching TV series, play video games, hell, you can now watch someone play and be hooked on it, and so on, the list is endless.

Intention and Action

The processes we’re involved in, when procrastinating, aren’t bad in themselves. They’re just a way of spending time. It all lies in your intention.

When we procrastinate we create an internal conflict between intention and action. They’re not aligned, and this creates all the internal discomfort we feel when postponing tasks…

Relationships with parents are not always smooth. Many times we lose our connection with them and fight for the sake of winning an argument. That’s not what functional relationships are built upon. Relationships need space for empathy and consideration of your own and other’s needs.

Most parents love their children, they just get tangled up along the way sometimes. Children do too. In the end, it’s not a parent’s or children’s problem, it is a communication problem. Verbally and emotionally.

I put down some conclusions I made from my late-adolescence and early 20’s. For me, this was the time I…

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unconnected connection

Writing always whispered to me. I was writing with no purpose, losing count of my notebooks and later digital notes. Just conversations with my past, present, and future self. I couldn’t find a funnel for it so I shut everything off every time. But I kept randomly typing, in case the day comes.

I couldn’t really see how it would help me and possibly inspire anyone. I wasn’t a journal guy — it sounded corny to me, and nor did I have blogging knowledge.

The environment played a critical role for my writing to take off. It is like the…

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My life was a complete emotional mess for the last five years. I was continuously searching for methods to improve how I was feeling. All I did was pretending, obsessed with motivational prescriptions which further added to the complexity of the problem. Pretending to be okay is exhausting. Understanding you are not okay is healing.

When I invited genuine understanding into my life, things started to change. I started to change.

The Download

Before diving into understanding the unresolved emotional package, let’s see first what is mental pain. In my experience, it’s emotional conflict.

The first years of one’s life aren’t conscious…


My name is Ion. For a long time, writing wanted us to be friends. Now we are.

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